Our Pre­-K Features

Proprietary Hybrid International Curriculum Supplemented with Nationally mandated Pre-­K curriculum.

Our curriculum is designed to be developmentally responsive.

  • Our classrooms are purposefully prepared environments, with stimulating material and child –sized furniture and equipment.
  • All learning is hands­-on and experimental, with specially designed Montessori material for math, language. Sensorial explorations, practical life activities, art , science and geography.
  • We encourage students to explore, discover and use their imaginations.
  • At Maple Lawn, the process is more important that the product.
  • Our comprehensive preschool and kindergarten curriculum provides a solid foundation for elementary school.
  • Making choices and using coordinated movements to accomplish tasks leads the child towards self regulations and self control.
  • Through their Montessori work, children develop strong observation and problem solving skills.
  • Students who aster Maple Lawn’s Hybrid International curriculum are extremely well prepared for the academic, physical and social work of first grade.

Culture of Creativity

“Culture of Creativity” permeates every classroom. Creativity and creative problem solving are integral parts of daily life at all grade levels. In our academic curriculum we challenge our students to become problem ­solvers and creative thinkers by constantly asking them:

  • To take risks.
  • To take another look at things they already know.
  • To find unique ways to present their knowledge to others.
  • We emphasize on energizing group ­centered, cooperative, social, open ­ended, spiral, an expressive process, new age, flexible, spontaneous, serendipitous, open movement, fluid, freely expressive.
  • The classroom walls are filled with documents of the children’s explorations and experiences­ photos, conversations and visual expressions; the walls of the environment are used as a tool of reflection and revisiting by the children, parents and teachers.