Our Preschool Features

WE HAVE DEVELOPED A LEARNING CAPSULE which is an amalgamation of Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Pearson’s and our own family designed transcontinental experience which spans over 64 years with proven results.

“All play and no learning make Jack a dull boy” ­­ our teaching & learning techniques center around real life experiences. No child is a clean slate, so we build on the child’s existing knowledge to create new knowledge through the adaptation processes of equilibrium, assimilation and accommodation. Our classes are student ­centered, our teachers merely scaffold each child to reach their zone of proximal development. We use proven constructivist teaching strategies like peer- assisted learning, cooperative/collaborative learning to prepare our students for the challenges of real classrooms. Learning experiences are aligned with kindergarten readiness standards established by the following entities:

Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning, Common Core State Standards (Virginia’s Standards of Learning­ SOL’s) and Head Start Child Development.

Every child’s development is tracked and their growth within the classrooms is recorded by our Lead teachers using nationally recognized assessment tools.

To learn more about our teaching strategies and techniques, please feel free to contact us or request a tour.